NetWork Capitalism

Why successful companies drive progress and prosperity


It can no longer be denied that further continuation of profit-driven contemporary Capitalism is a dead end street. Although it’s hard to let loose of your former sweethearts, the current age of disillusion demands nothing less. The alleged holy grail of one dimensional growth - raising efficiency and productivity in order to raise consumption and investments - lost its magic touch.

A recent study by Clio Infra, called 'How was life? Global well-being since 1820' shows that since the 1970's the overall level of well-being in society develops itself independent of whether or not there is actual economic growth. The report claims that welfare has risen that much (more or less) economic growth no longer is a prerequisite to ensure that levels of well-being will continue to rise even further. So why then are we still focussing on traditional concepts of economic growth?

NetWork Capitalism challenges the current status quo by acknowledging that "making a profit is no more the purpose of doing business as breathing is the purpose of living" (quote by John Kay). It considers doing business and raising the level of well-being within society as two interrelated phenomena that happen at the same time. By enforcing a fundamental reset in contemporary ways of doing business, NetWork Capitalism offers an obvious alternative.

NetWork Capitalism defines new relationships between technology and welfare without propagating a tech driven society. Collaboration and meaningful partnerships are the new key ingredients to progress and prosperity. Outward oriented companies and their stakeholders enable network-oriented value creation which replaces today's linear and hierarchical ways of doing business. Purpose driven transactions are the new standard and go beyond soulless, mostly cost-driven ones.

The emergence of NetWork Capitalism demands nothing less than an open debate. This website is set-up to fuel such a debate. The 'Manifesto' speaks for itself as it describes the basic ideas of NetWork Capitalism. As the 'Six Guiding Principles' are an important element of the Manifesto they are described and explained in greater detail in a specialized chapter.

To know where you're going always requires to know where you're coming from. That's why the 'In Memoriam' section of the website is about both the great achievements, as well as the dark downside of first generation Capitalism. And since history has the tendency to repeat itself, the 'New Economic Paradigm' section explains that throughout history transitions like those happening today already occurred on several occasions before. It helps to see the pattern.

The 'NetWork Capitalism and you' section consists of a multi-perspective overview of some first round effects that come along with NetWork Capitalism. What does this new reality mean for companies? For individuals? For governments? Or for art lovers? Next, the 'Pioneers' part contains some inspiring examples of business practices that leading companies have enforced in recent years. And of course, both the 'Q&A' and the 'About' require no specification.


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