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This website is about the emergence of second generation Capitalism. It intends to spike the debate about the transition in economics and doing business that’s taking place right now. Not by being cynical about ‘old Capitalism’, but instead by proposing another type of Capitalism.

Since NetWork Capitalism is only in its early stages there are many topics that still need to be discovered and discussed. The content on this website is only the beginning. Some of the questions that need answers can be found here. Yet, there is so much more we don't know yet.

To bring NetWork Capitalism to the next phase it is necessary to have a continuous flow of new ideas and pioneering best-practices underway. Not only from entrepreneurs, but also from thought leaders, government officials, NGO's you name it. Only when we're connected, we lead by example.

That's why everyone is invited to share NetWork Capitalism driven ways of doing business, thoughts and beliefs via or @NetWork-Cap. Or write a blog and have it posted on this website.

The bigger, richer and well connected these networks will be, the more inspiration they will provide to others.

So don't hesitate, feel free to step in!

Chris Roelen

Chris Roelen (1973) is the founder of He is an economist specialised in strategic reputation management. His professional focus is making organizations more successful by helping them to increase their trustworthiness. As an interim manager, management consultant and executive coach Chris works for both private as well as public organizations.

Chris got his master's degree in economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1998 and his masters in reputation management at the Rotterdam School of Management in 2007.

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The content on this website is neither academic nor managerial. Instead it's written from the heart and the profound belief that it's about time for a better and more meaningful world worth living in.

The inevitable transformation towards NetWork Capitalism puts Capitalism back on track regarding its most distinctive and at the same its most taken for granted key characteristic; creating progress and prosperity. Therefore, reinventing Capitalism will not only restore its reputation and revitalize its romantic emotional appeal. It will also re-assure its value for future generations.

The origins of the insights presented in the name of NetWork Capitalism are wide ranged. They come from personal beliefs, purposeful driven entrepreneurs, rogue as well as classical economists, thought leaders that help explain the world we're living in and several professors and company executives I had the pleasure and privilege of working with.

I recommend everyone to be open-minded towards NetWork Capitalism in the same way as when you go to school for the first time. Be excited, make new friends and be prepared to restart. As long as you keep in mind that it's all about what you find in NetWork Capitalism and not about what you're looking for, your journey will bring you to where you want to go.

Chris Roelen, Netherlands, 2015


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