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It can no longer be denied that further continuation of profit-driven contemporary Capitalism is a dead end street. Although it’s hard to let loose of your former sweethearts, the current age of disillusion demands nothing less. The alleged holy grail of one dimensional growth - raising efficiency and productivity in order to raise consumption and investments - lost its magic touch.

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NetWork Capitalism is about creating a better and more meaningful world worth living in. As the successor of contemporary Industrial Capitalism it represents second generation Capitalism. By rethinking Capitalism as we know it, NetWork Capitalism reinstalls the magic bond between being successful as a company and raising the level of well-being in society at the same time.

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The six guiding principles

The six guiding principles are NetWork Capitalism’s backbone for doing business. They make deteriorations like those in contemporary Capitalism less likely. These guiding principles are complementary to the three basic institutions on which Adam Smith founded Capitalism in the first place.

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In memoriam

For more than two centuries Industrial Capitalism raised the level of well-being in many countries all over the world. For understanding the true meaning of NetWork Capitalism it is obligatory to acknowledge these achievements as well as Industrial Capitalism’s dark downside that emerged during its final years.

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New economic paradigm

Economic history reveals several examples of changing economic paradigms. They occur when anomalies can no longer be explained by conventional economic theories and insights. Often this unstoppable process coincides with radically new technologies. NetWork Capitalism simply is the subsequent economic paradigm that is now starting to unfold itself.

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NetWork Capitalism and you

As NetWork Capitalism unfolds, its implications for companies, individuals, governments and all other constituencies become apparent. Although many consequences still need to be discovered it helps to have a brief multi-perspective introduction to some first round effects.

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There is a fast growing number of pioneers that show exactly what doing business according to NetWork Capitalism is all about. Their best practices prove that successful businesses raise the level of well-being in society at large. Who’s next?

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Questions and answers

The emergence of NetWork Capitalism is nothing but a reset in how we think about doing business. It requires the capacity to unlearn as well as to learn. These Q&A's help you do so.

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This website is about the emergence of second generation Capitalism. It intends to spike the debate about the transition in economics and doing business that’s taking place right now. Not by being cynical about ‘old Capitalism’, but instead by proposing another type of Capitalism.

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